I want to inform about Dementia Training Australia

I want to inform about Dementia Training Australia

You can expect dementia courses, practical resources and training packages which can be easily accessible and that can make a difference that is real your workplace

On the web dementia courses

Boost your familiarity with dementia with your quick, mobile friendly and are priced at courses that are https://datingrating.net/indonesian-cupid-review free. Today start your learning

Dementia Basics

Enrol within our dementia that is nationally-accredited course suited to individuals doing work in aged care, healthcare and community solutions

Tailored training

We make use of you for a thorough training curriculum tailored to match the initial requirements of the organization

Workshops and occasions

Join us for a range that is wide of, webinars, visitor lectures, seminars and much more

On The Web Site Library

Many different free tools and resources that are printable you need to use at your working environment

DTA Information Room

Maintaining you as much as date using the latest dementia news, tales and articles

Australian Journal of Dementia Care

A quarterly book for all whom take care of individuals with dementia. Featuring care that is best-practice, resources, research and more.

A DTA training session delivered at our organization provided us much valuable constructive suggestions about areas for enhancement at our time centers and around clients’ domiciles.

Love your courses. DTA have come up with exceptional and well-researched training. Top private Development training around.

We work with a surgery and come across people who have varying types of dementia day. Many thanks for a much better comprehension of dementia.

New on the web learning for the dementia workforce

Inroads into rural and area dementia training that is remote

Fellowship programs change that is supporting in aged care

WEBINAR: Human Flourishing, Bringing new meaning to coping with dementia (19 Nov 2020)

General Practice Conference and Exhibition (GPCE)

DTA works closely with Dementia help Australia and Dementia Australia. We’re a community of dementia professionals, whom collaboratively offer training, training, advocacy and help for all Australians impacted by dementia – people who reside with dementia, their loved ones, and those work that is whose with their care.

Dementia Help Australia (DSA)

Offering assistance 24/7, 365 times a year across australia for carers of individuals coping with dementia where behaviours are impacting on care.

Dementia help Australia provides three amounts of help:

  1. Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS)
  2. Serious Behaviour Reaction Groups (SBRT)
  3. Requirements Based Assessment Program (NBA)

Dementia Training Australia (DTA)

Dementia Training Australia provides dementia-specific accredited and non-accredited training, training, and expert development for aged and health care experts.

Our mission would be to increase the knowledge and abilities associated with the workforce that are taking part in supporting individuals coping with dementia and their carers. We give attention to evidence-based criteria within the development and distribution of practical knowledge paths for folks and organisations.

Dementia Australia advocates for folks of all of the many years coping with all types of dementia, as well as their own families and carers.

Our objective is to allow individuals influenced by dementia to call home along with feasible. We offer information, help solutions and research capital in addition to training for aged and medical care experts.

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